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Winters & Co. Advisors, LLC is an independent firm founded in 2004 that specializes in providing investment advisory and bidding agent services related to the investment of bond proceeds.


Our services includes construction of bid documents, bidding, closing oversight, and certifications necessary to show that investments were obtained at fair market value in an arms-length transaction. 


W&C is an SEC registered municipal advisor, and a certified SBE. Since 2004, we have successfully completed over 900 transactions including investment agreements, flexible repurchase agreements, laddered portfolios, forward delivery agreements and defeasance escrows. Invested funds include project and construction funds, debt service reserve funds, capitalized interest funds, revenue and float funds, and sinking funds.

Because we specialize in the investment of bond proceeds, and have significant and ongoing
experience with investment agreements and securities portfolios, we are able to provide advice that is
based on the most current market conditions.

  • Investment Agreements

  • Flexible repurchase agreements

  • Forward delivery agreements

  • Defeasance escrows for advance and crossover refundings

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