In most of our engagements, our responsibilities will include reviewing and rendering advice on the available investments, preparing the bid solicitation form and conducting a bid for the investments.


We normally will perform some or all of the following services:

Review of Investments

Review of investments permitted in the bond documents as well as any suggested changes to allow for the broadest possible bidder participation.

Benefit & Risk Analysis

We explain the pros and cons associated with using investment agreements, laddered portfolios, flexible repurchase agreements and other investment vehicles.

Investment Strategies

 We provide perspective and background on investment strategies used by other bond issuers in similar situations.

List Potential Bidders

We develop a list of potential bidders for the chosen investment vehicle(s).

Bid Request Form

We draft a bid request form, and submit the bid request form for approval by the parties involved with the transaction as appropriate.

Projection of Bid Reaction

We provide advice concerning the likely reaction of investment providers to various terms in proposed bid request form.

Solicit Bids

We solicit bids in a manner consistent with our normal practice and the requirements of the Certificate of Bidding Agent.

Collect Bids

We collect oral and written bids from the solicited providers.

Bid Decision

We help the client ascertain the winning bid.

Conditions and Exceptions

We assist in evaluating and suggest responses to any conditions or exceptions included with any bids, and notify the winning bidder of the award of the investment.

Summary and Certificate

We prepare and deliver a bid summary and a Certificate of Bidding Agent.

Completion of Documentation

 We assist with negotiations with regard to the completion of the investment documentation, as needed.

Monitor Settlement Progress

We monitor the progress of any negotiations in order to ensure a timely settlement.

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Please note that our bidding agent services are intended to include all services necessary and desired to successfully obtain and close the selected investment.

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